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Getting started: Tutorials

How to submit & review your orders + turnaround times.

How to Submit Your Orders

PODIO is our collaborative workspace to streamline our communication and processes.  You will have direct access to your content manager along with your Cuts Arsenal where all of your final creative files will be available for your use. If you need any assistance or have any questions, your content manager will be glad to schedule a demo.

How to Review Your Orders w/ ZiFlow

Introducing Ziflow, our proof review system. This system allows you to make comments on your video that will be time-stamped and easy for your video editor to decipher.  If you have a longer video and would like to choose your time stamps for us to edit, just let us know and we will upload your video file to Ziflow for you to select the areas you want to be edited.

When Will My Video Be Ready?

*All estimates depend on 3 qualities of your request: the scope, the complexity, and details provided. Turnaround times might vary and are subject to the production team’s estimation, but we promise to deliver your requests as fast as possible while maintaining the highest quality.